About Dinah…

Dinah Liversidge
Daydream Achiever
Entrepreneur, Mentor and Speaker

Dinah Liversidge helps people go from “thinking outside the box”, to “no-box thinking”.  Her business and life experiences bring a “what if anything is possible?” perspective to challenging the way we live our lives and un-limit our potential.  Using her no-box-thinking approach has allowed Dinah to re-invent her life after massive change and to create a life and a future she was told were not on her horizon.

Having left school at 16, Dinah spent the first ten years of her working career “finding” her niche, the place where she felt she could make a difference, where her ideas and no-box-thinking approach were met with enthusiasm, rather than a fear of and reluctance to change.  Joining SmithKline Beecham as a PA to the Marketing Manager for Anti-infectives was to lead to 14 amazing years of opportunity, travel and event management, and most of all, communication development.

Since 2004, Dinah and her husband John, have been entrepreneurs, setting up and running three successful businesses in diverse sectors. During this time, Dinah joined the networking organisation, BNI (Business Networking International) and was appointed Managing Area Director for their London North and West region.

Her total belief that “there is no box” have allowed Dinah to overcome several, serious, health challenges along her way, not least a road accident which resulted in eleven years in a wheelchair, and a series of heart-attacks in 2014 and major heart surgery. Today, walking again, and gardening on her Welsh smallholding, she is living proof of the power of thinking yourself out of a box.

Dinah lives in Carmarthenshire in South-West Wales with her husband, John, in a small woodland.   She is passionate about people, conversations, fast cars and chocolate.