Choose what you see

Starting each day by looking in the mirror as we get ready to face the world, can be a negative experience – if we choose to let it be.  We can choose to look at the bits that frustrate or depress us or we can choose to see what others see.  When our friends or partners tell us we are looking fabulous, they are being sincere, we just choose not to believe them.

Today I choose to wear a bright red lipstick – very racy!  I have never worn it before, despite buying it almost six months ago.  My husband has often told me he would love me to wear red lippy, that it would look stunning on me.  Today, I choose to agree with him.  Today I choose to see what he sees – and to be honest, I rather like it!

Today, choosing to see what he sees, I find a vivacious, confident woman looking back at me in the mirror.  A woman who is proud of her years and celebrating her lines and her curves.  Today I choose to see what John sees and I feel great.

What will you choose to see today?

Have a wonderful Friday,

Dinah 🙂

2 thoughts on “Choose what you see

    • Dinah says:

      Thank you Marie, so glad you enjoyed it :o) Thanks to Matt Hodkinson, I’m choosing to write a blog a day – so do come back soon :)x

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