My Hero of Choice

My blog today is inspired by my husband, John. It is our 24th Wedding Anniversary today.  John is my Hero.  As we celebrate 24 years of marriage today, I am in awe of the choices we have taken  – together; the challenges we have risen to and the support we have been to each other.  His choices, to stand by me through some truly testing times make him my Hero of Choice.

John knew when we met (I was 16 he was 17) that I had physical challenges that could become a larger part of our lives.  He knew there would be difficult times – and choices – ahead.  He chose to make a commitment to me and to bring his positive, practical “there is always a way” attitude with him.  Thank goodness!  During the years together we have faced many tough choices – from whether to attempt to have children to whether to believe I would not walk again.  Choices that were often painful – emotionally and physically.  Choices that impacted so many aspects of our lives and the lives of those we loved.  Without John there to support and re-enforce the choices we made together – well, that is something I choose not to imagine!

I am so blessed that the choices John has made in his life include me; thank you John – you are my Hero of Choice.

Have a wonderful Monday

Dinah 🙂

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