Choose the theme tune for your week

I love listening to music  and it is always on in the background, while I work or play. I love to start my week by choosing my theme tune; the piece of music that is going to set the tone. I have a diverse taste in music so making a choice means looking through tracks from ACDC to Sheryly Crow, from Tim McGraw to The Stranglers – it’s a tough choice and one I love making.

This week, I’ve decided on this fabulous track from Michael Buble – I choose to feel good today.  What track will you choose?

Have a magnificent, musical Monday

Dinah 🙂

One thought on “Choose the theme tune for your week

  1. Audrey says:

    Loving the Mr Buble start to the day! The sun is shinning here and blossom on the tree too. Perfect! One song to start the day and week I would love is I’m Gonna Do It All by Karine Polwart. Great motivator and joyful start for us all.

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