Choose colour

   “We can always spot you in a crowd, Dinah – you’re the one who’s wearing bright colours”.  It’s true, I love colour.  My hair is proof of that  and has been all the colours of the rainbow over the years.  Being known for colour in a sea of corporate grey always got me noticed and made me easy to find at the large events I used to manage.

I’ve also noticed the effect colour has on my own mood.  I know if I choose bright colours to wear, I lift my mood.  When I wear grey I feel – grey!  Colours allow me to make other people smile and often prove a great way to start a conversation.  I’ve met some great people thanks to my purple coat (well it is fabulous) and you’d be amazed how often women ask me what my hair colour is.

I bought a fabulous new umbrella this week – bright red with spots – and am looking forward to it raining so I can use it 😉

Choose some colour for your day today and see what impact it has.

Have a colourful Thursday


Dinah Liversidge

Independent Celebrant, helping you create a celebration of your love, life and family. Living in Myddfai, Carmarthenshire, in a woodland cottage with the love of my life and our pets, Branston Pickle and Lilly. Lover of conversation, chocolate, coffee and connecting people.

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