New choices

We’re making new choices; choices for our home and lifestyle, choices about priorities and what matters to us as a couple and as individuals. Choices about our roles as parents, children, lovers and partners; as entrepreneurs and business collaborators, as people.

it’s an emotional experience making change on a large scale, exciting, scary, confusing, surprising, frustrating and exhilarating all at once. And that’s on a good day!

When you make big change, it’s more likely to be succesful if it’s something you’ve built up to.  Going “full steam ahead” and changing several aspects of our lives has actually taken years of planning; years of choices.

choices that lead to major change can be small individual successes on the road; they are our markers that say “I’m taking responsibility for my next step” and that allow us to feel achievement and pride.

what first, regular choice could you take that will be the steps towards your new choices?

Dinah 🙂


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