Bitter sweet victory?

I love watching Formula One. I’ve always loved cars; watching and driving and even being driven (as long as it’s by someone who understands the need for a gap between you and the car in front!) and I’m often referred to as a petrol Head.

when F1 announced the new cars this year, I was looking forward to it, a chance perhaps to see who would be winning when it was less about one team and more about the array of exciting drivers and what they bring to the sport.

And I haven’t been disappointed, it’s been exciting to watch with several changes at the top and inter-team battles that add to the feeling that it’s anyone’s Championship this year.

I’ve wanted it to be Lewis Hamilton’s time. I’ve wanted it so much as I see the joy, pride and excitement from his family watching; his father a constant support with a face that shows his delight.

yet I asked myself, as Lewis won at Singapore, “why am I not more excited that he won” “why am I not thrilled that he’s just moved into the lead for the Championship?”

It’s his attitude. His attitude has turned my support into disappointment, into a sense that this young man is still, very much, a boy.  I find myself wondering if he has a decent Mentor; someone who not only listens and supports him on his journey, but someone who tells him to put his ego back in it’s box!  A person who has the courage to say “get over yourself!” and to explain that we are all judged on our behaviour when we lose as much as when we win.

If you’re a business owner and you spend your time shouting about why others should not be a success, or making remarks that hint at discontent or sour-grapes, it will take very little time for your peers to learn to avoid you and not get involved with your network.

As a ‘Star’ whether it’s in sport or theatre, screen or radio, we’ve allowed egos to get so huge, self-confidence to become arrogance and self-belief to become cockiness to such an extent I suspect it will take a major mood-shift to change things.

So my message to Lewis Hamilton, before every victory becomes bitter-sweet, is to pack up your ego for a while and borrow some of the real passion and thrill that Daniel Ricciardo is obviously enjoying; remember those thrilling emotions you started racing for? Get back into that zone Lewis, where you’re treasuring the chance to live your dream. Many people watching wish they were that lucky.


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