New beginnings

We did it! After many years of talking about “one day” owning a smallholding of our own, we’ve moved to our own little piece of glorious Welsh countryside and made our “one day” happen. Just over a week ago, we took the keys to our Welsh longhouse in Myddfai, a couple of miles above Llandovery in West Wales.

It’s been an uphill effort to get here and a journey that’s had its share of twists and dramas; losing a beutiful house two days before exchange of contracts finally led us to find our new home and then in six weeks, we were suddenly moving.

We fell in love with the area and the people before we found the cottage; I think we knew we’d found our new community within an hour of arriving in Llandovery. Everyone is so welcoming and really wants to hear your answer when they enquire after your health. The feeling of being part of a local, caring group of people who look out for and support each other had been missing from our lives. We’ve found it here.

today, I’ve been volunteering at the local Community Hall and shop, where local artisans sell their gorgeous creations – I’ll be penniless in no time!

i’m feeling a bit proud of us today, even a little smug as I turn to John and say “Thank you”. I’m sensing these are new beginnings and I’m as excited as a five year old at Christmas.

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