About Dinah…

I’m Dinah Liversidge; married to John since I was 20, mum to Hannah for whom I work part-time, lover of our pets, Branston, Pickle and Lilly. Smallholder, living in Myddfai in Carmarthenshire and living the dream.

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I live with Ehlers Danlos syndrome, Congenital Heart Disease, Angina, Raynauds syndrome, Vascular degeneration…. the list seems to get longer each year.  Boring to list, but part of who I am and how my life works (or sometimes doesn’t). I spent almost 12 years in a wheelchair after a road accident, which was complicated by my EDS.


I love to find my own way of working with and round things, proving the medics wrong and defying the odds.  My main motivation for this is my joy of living with John, my delight in watching our daughter thrive and the incredible sense of calm and contentment I get from living our dream of being smallholders.


My career included time in corporate, small business and as an entrepreneur.  I was a remote-based worker in the 1990s, ran a team of 60 across three continents, established and grew three family businesses, travelled extensively across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Southern and Central America and spoke to audiences up to 8,000 about Change, Choice and Credibility.

Dinah Liversidge

and I love….

Conversation, connection, chocolate, cats, cuddles, cars, creativity, coffee, cream-teas…

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