Booking Dinah to Speak

Imagine a place where you don’t have to keep trying to ‘think outside the box’. Imagine how liberating and un-restricted you’d feel if, instead, you were allowed to live and work in a place where there were no more boxes; no limiting beliefs, no restrictive labels, no more ‘we’ve always done it like that’ Managers and no reason to fear change.

I call this No-box thinking. A way of starting with no preconceived ideas or restrictions, nothing to stop us from imagining a new way of behaving, a different way of seeing something or a chance to change without holding ourselves up to some impossible standard that we’ve imagined is expected of us.

That’s what I talk about, most recently based around these areas:

No-box approach to Networking – How listening, not talking, will grow your business, your network and your credibility.

No-box approach to Leadership – How being prepared to learn from your team will make you a magnet for talent.

No-box approach to Limiting Beliefs – How changing your head-talk impacts all of your results, your risk-taking ability and how likely you are to get exciting opportunities.

No-box approach to Business Development – How putting more effort into creating collaborations can make your business more rewarding, financially and emotionally.

If you’re planning an event and would like to discuss booking me as a speaker, please get in touch by sending me your contact details in the form below: