Choose to recommend

Today, choose to recommend someone that matters to you. Give some time in your day to talking about them and what makes them outstanding at what they do.  It is easy, when times are hard, to focus on our own needs and wants; by choosing to focus on someone else and taking the time to recommend them, we can have a positive focus to our day.

I choose not to carry business cards; I am easy to find on-line and would rather take someone else’s card and follow up with my details.  Instead, I carry a card file with the cards of the people I value.  The people I choose to recommend.  Nothing gives me more of a buzz than the opportunity to talk about them and create opportunities for them.

Yesterday, I added a new card to my file – the card of a man who is passionate about our environment and makes stunning eco furniture.  His name is Tristan Titeux and he is changing the world’s attitude to recycling, one table at a time!  Today, I choose to recommend him – and I recommend you connect with him on Twitter.

Who will you choose to recommend today?

Have a great one,

Dinah 🙂