Dinah is the most motivational speaker and trainer I have ever worked with ! We call her our MOTIVATING QUEEN and this is really what she is. From her heart she tells entrepreneurs her experiences and she manages to change people mindset so they get better results in their own business. For me she is important as a director of training in my region overijssel ( the fastest growing BNI franchise region in the world )
Proud to have her in our TEAM !!!
Peter Hemmen  Executive director BNI , Netherlands

Dynamic Dinah! She is an amazing presenter who can bring a room full of grown men to tears! She is a highly motivating and captivating speaker who grabs the attention of an audience from the first word to leave them begging for more. I have yet to see her speak without receiving a standing ovation at the end! She spoke at the BNI Ireland Conference for us and we got tremendous feedback from our members and guests.

Sandra Hart, Executive Director, BNI Ireland

Dinah is a team builder and an inspiration to everyone she meets. Her enthusiasm and well grounded advice is coupled with a passion for understanding, listening and sharing her sharp business skills to help everyone she works with to fulfill their potential. Dinah reminded me not to think outside the box, because in business there truly are no boxes!

Sarah Burley – Owner, Hampton Hampers Ltd.

Dinah is an outstanding trainer.
She gets to know the company in detail and then truly opens people’s minds on how to get the most out of every aspect of their business as individuals and as teams.
Dinah has the capacity to look for the great in people and brings people’s strengths to shine.
For a large or small to medium business Dinah has great expertise in reaching all levels of business, injecting life and drive for teams to achieve greater potential as certainly more sales!
Potential Unlimited seriously describes how Dinah makes you and your company feel.
I can highly recommend Dinah in all aspects of business her unique truly caring manner along with drive and passion would be an asset for any company.

Jane Johnstone – PHP Ltd

Dinah stepped into our national team as if she has always been there, Not only did she help to motivate the team as a whole at all different levels, she brought a new perspective to many common issues. We also invited along friends of the company to be part of the workshop that Dinah provided. Since then I have heard nothing but praise from these people, Dinah touched them in such a positive way, two of them have changed the direction of their business for the better and their quality of work life balance has increased considerably. Thank you Dinah, we all look forward to working with you again next year.

David Salisbury – HomeCare

If you haven’t already listened to Dinah’s fantastic CD about credibility – what are you waiting for? I dare you to listen to it and look in the mirror! Having listened to it once, you will no doubt identify areas you can change that will improve your credibility, have fun working on them – but then listen again – there will be more!

Visibility + Credibility = Profitibility

miss out the credibility and guess what – the profitability just won’t be the same! So for those people that really want to work on credibility – get the CD – if you want to go a very scary step forward then Get Your Life may be the thing for you – I will certainly be there! I am sure Dinah will let you have the details.

Thank You Dinah – as I said 12 months ago – You have changed my life

Michele x
Michele Ibbs


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