Work one-to-one with Dinah

I love working with people who’ve been through massive change;  change that means we have to take stock of everything we thought we knew about our life situation and re-think it.  We have to create a new version of who we are, what we do and often how we see ourselves and our choices are key to making progress.

As someone who has experienced several massive changes in my life, from health issues that meant almost twelve years in a wheelchair, to career changes that took me from Secretary to International Event Manager to Entrepreneur, I’ve had to re-invent myself and re-shape my goals and dreams multiple times.  These key life changes have all shaped my No-Box-Thinking approach, and I love helping others to discover the possibilities that exist after massive change occurs.

I base my fees for mentoring on every individual situation, and only work with people I believe I can really help.  The best way for us to discover if I’m  the right person to help you at this time, is for us to have a conversation.  Pick up the phone and call me; you’ll find I’m very approachable. 01550 721 266

I look forward to hearing from you